About us

Behind the Journey

Organik Chicken is an agricultural startup company that focuses on Zero Antibiotic and Organic meat production. We are concerned about the growing threat of Antibiotic Resistance and its long-term effect on public health. We started our journey in December 2020 after realizing the importance of a strong immune system and healthy food during the COVID-19 pandemic. We all know that Antibiotic/Antimicrobial Resistance is more dangerous than COVID-19 and researchers have estimated around 10 million deaths annually from Antibiotic Resistance related problems by 2050. 

As per Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in America, 80% of total antibiotics is used in Livestock and usage of antibiotics in poultry and pig is 10 times higher than in cow and sheep. America is very much concerned about the misuse of antibiotics. An antibiotic is not sold over the counter (OTC) without a doctor’s prescription. We can imagine the situation in Bangladesh where Antibiotics are sold OTC without any prescription.

The Person Takes the Initiative

Md Imrul Hasan, the founder of Organik Chicken, is also a COVID-19 survivor. He earned his engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and worked as an IT and Telecommunication expert in UKUAE, Egypt, Philippines, and Bangladesh

He strongly believes that we and the next generation have the basic right to eat safe and healthy food. He is very much inspired by the concept of zero antibiotics and organic food harvesting. He has turned into a full-time organic Farmer from an Engineer and is trying to contribute to organic farming. 

Our Zero Antibiotic and Organic poultry farm is located at Kaliakair, Gazipur.


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  Organik Chicken 

  Kaliakoir, Gazipur

 +880 01788-888-672